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The environment currently and in the future will affect many aspects of our life. Environment will affect our economy, our health, and peace in our world.

There are numerous causal factors that can create a toxic environment. Some of these are:

  • Chemicals found in:

    • Water, air, food, personal care products, toys, consumer products, etc.

  • Heavy metals

    • Mercury, lead, etc.

  • Mold

  • Climate change

  • EMF – electromagnetic fields (wireless, dirty electricity, AC magnetic, AC electric, etc.)

Dr. Wand now considers chemicals and EMF exposures as the two biggest threats to future health.

Some countries, states and cities are decreasing their exposure to wireless radiation. The list is growing. This is only a small partial list:

  • France said “no” to Wi-Fi in nursery schools

  • Israel has said “no” to Wi-Fi and smart phones in schools

  • The state of New Mexico has said “no” to smart meters

  • The Environmental Health Trust has taken legal action against the FCC and FTC for having outdated safety standards on wireless exposure

More complete listing of cities and countries that have restricted wireless exposure to humans:

Links to cities, states and countries that have limited 5G

While at home, wireless iPads, cellphones and desktop computers can be converted to ethernet cable which is safer and faster. The wireless aspect must be turned off while using ethernet cable. 

Here are a  few examples that I have experienced clinically from the application of environmental medicine. More and more scientific  and medical research are emerging on environmental factors affecting our health.

  • Why a 14-year-old girl suddenly develops a chronic, relapsing rash on her hands?

  • Is BPA Free safer than BPA?

  • Why is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (autoimmune thyroid)  appearing more in young children?

  • Why a 4-year-old moderate to severe autistic child was very calm and cooperative in our clinic but at home and in public he has extreme mood swings and is always uncooperative.

  • Why a 4-year-old autistic child draws better after stopping plastic water bottle use?

  • Why a young female after 5 miscarriages, probably due to her husband’s sperm DNA fragmentation, finally has a successful pregnancy?

  • Why the dirty dozen food list may now be obsolete?

  • Why more young males are having low testosterone levels?

  • Why a 14-year-old girl with an 8-year history of Hashimoto’s now has abnormally low T3 and T4 for the last 2 years? 

  • Why would a housewife always feel tired, depressed and fatigued in her home but when she went camping or on vacation she always felt great? (A part of environmental history taking is to ask how you feel outside of your home.)

  • Why would a 4-year-old autistic child have better behavior and better learning after putting the iPad in storage and turning off the Wi-Fi at home?

  • Feedback for  the preceding examples:

  • The 14-year-old girl got her 1st smart phone and the rash was secondary to the phone radiation. She stopped the cell phone radiation and the rash resolved.

  • BPA Free (BPS) is probably worse than BPA. Neither are safe.

  • Environmental chemicals that children are being exposed to intrauterine and postnatal (endocrine disruptors)

  • My clinic met international standards for safe EMF levels. One of our patients once told us we should rent out our clinic for people to sleep in because it is so peaceful and relaxing.

  • His cognition may have been affected by the water he was drinking from plastic water bottles. The water contains BPA, phthalates, microscopic plastic particles, etc. Studies have shown that ingesting microscopic plastic particles from plastic water bottles can be metabolized by gut bacteria producing inflammation. Microscopic plastic particles have now been found in the placenta.

  • Sperm DNA fragmentation can be caused by BPA and wireless radiation. The couple eliminated all plastic use, went to organic food and eliminated wireless radiation for personal use.

  • Many foods are now being found with glyphosate, an ingredient in Roundup. Studies actually show that the inert ingredients in Roundup may be more toxic than the glyphosate.

  • Low testosterone is most likely chemical castration secondary to endocrine disruptors.

  • The 14-year-old girl got her 1st smart phone 2 years ago and since then her T3 and T4 have been intermittently low. EMF exposure can affect thyroid levels in the body.

  • The house had high levels of mold and/or EMF

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